the liminal you

One of my favorite poets is Marie Howe. Her work has been on my mind quite a bit this November. I’ve been returning again and again to her poem entitled “What the Living Do,” written [...]

making eagle fly

Eagle pose (guaradasana) is the third and final posture in the warm-up series. Although this is often one of the more "overlooked" postures, I like to think of eagle as the "crescendo" of my warm-up, [...]

Trash Bin Meditation

Last night was trash and recycling night, a weekly ritual we never miss. Wednesday nights without fail, my partner and I make our rounds throughout the house, emptying garbage cans from each room into the [...]

Awkward Finis

The third and final part of Awkward is a challenging test of the endurance level of the body and the concentration of the mind. Similar to part one and part two, the completion of this [...]

It’s getting fierce in here…

If you thought the first part of Awkward required mental strength, focus and concentration, prepare now to take all three to fierce bulldog determination level! The second part of this posture requires us to place [...]

Getting Fierce in Awkward: Part I

The second posture in the warm-up series is Utkatasana (Awkward Pose). In Sanskrit, “utkata” means that which is powerful and fierce: an apt description for this three-part posture requiring strong, unwavering focus, discipline and concentration. [...]

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